Smoke Freezer : Reactor


Cool and powerful smoke.
Only water and ice needed, no glass to break.
Below zero temperatures, replace water style pipes, with no filtered product, and no mess. Patent Pending technology is ready in just minutes and rapidly compresses any smoke vapor entering the cooling chamber, and drastically reduces the temperature. Rugged construction uses active refrigeration and easily chills more effectively than water or chilled glycerin pipes, rapidly cooling the vapor, creating a smooth and cool experience that remains perfectly sub-zero for your smoke session.
Perfect for daily use, small footprint is portable, and ready to use in minutes.



Our newest unit at  a fraction of the price!   Reach similar below freezing temperatures as our most exclusive units using water and ice.  Each pipe with water and ice from your own freezer allows around 15-20 minutes of below freezing active cooling for your smokes.   Dump in more ice, go for another 20 minutes.

Reactor blue


This pipe will compress, cool and keep your smoke super chilled.  Sub zero smoke out in only minutes.  Quite possibly the most affordable, highest performing, smoothest compression pipe on the market.

Perfect for all occasions and the ideal gift for all of your smoking friends.

Patent Pending design will assure you that NO ONE has anything like this on the market.

3 different colors to chose from



Additional information

Weight 4.4 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in

Copper, Blue, Olive