Smoke Freezer : Nectar Processor


Cool and powerful smoke.  Updated design for all smokes including resin, wax and concentrates. Three times more flow than our older pipes to reduce any sources of clogging.  No water and ice needed, no glass to break.  Below zero temperatures, replace water style pipes, with no filtered product, and no mess.  Patent Pending technology is ready in just minutes and rapidly compresses any smoke vapor entering the cooling chamber, and drastically reduces the temperature. Rugged construction uses active refrigeration and easily chills more effectively than water or chilled glycerin pipes, rapidly cooling the vapor, creating a smooth and cool experience that remains perfectly sub-zero for your smoke session.

New material upgrades allow for compatibility with most common cleaning agents.


NEW Upgrade design! Order now and experience the best sealing, advanced model to the market!

Nectar Pro Advance
Nectar Pro Advance

Newest models ALL come with updated inlets, reducing clogging and much more rugged.  

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UPDATED !!  2.5X’s larger cooling chamber now SUPER CLOG RESISTANT.

Initially designed to allow concentrates and resin, this pipe has evolved into the perfect all purpose utility.  This pipe allows a filter free, flavor enhancing patent pending design to add enjoyment to any experience.  The clog resistant design with four times the flow of our initial designs!  Enjoy cool, concentrated, smooth, taste enhancing pipe that only hits harder with each hit.

Even resin that would clog almost instantly other pipes will flow much smoother and cooler in this unit.  The taste purifying properties of this engineered patent pending design never takes away from your experience.  Never burnt lips or lungs, only cool smoke that hits harder than you would ever expect, while you keep all of your product free from filtering water.
No other pipes have the technology to cool like we do.   Take the Nectar Processor pipe out and in minutes of being plugged in, you will have sub-zero temperatures.    Each degree of cooling makes smoke compress further.  This multiplies the taste, enhancing the qualities of each product used in it.
The engineered design ensured that normal usage will not experience a plastic taste, smell, or degrade your pipe over its entire life span.  Portable, rugged, and the display will give you feedback telling you how cold each draw will be.   Do not guess that it is below freezing, know it!

Simply insert your concentrator into the upward facing insertion point and you can heat it up using your own torch.   The side mounted insertion area allows you to have full view of your product while you insert it into your heated element.

It is time to enjoy the smoothness and flavor of a one time harsh smoking technique.

Check out a quick review HERE!   Notice she has the newest version released, and our pictures will be updated soon to reflect the next years model.

Meechie Review on YouTube
Meechie Review on YouTube


Additional information

Weight 4.4 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in

Black, Green, Rainbow, Variable Gold


Ash Catcher +20, No Ash Catcher