Smoke Freezer : THE INLINE Therapeutic


Coldest and most powerful smoke: a therapeutic option integrating cooling smoke to protect tender lungs from damage due to high heat. Our NEW design caters to all products, including resin, wax, and concentrates. It offers six times more flow than our older pipes, reducing chances of clogging. No water or ice needed, and no glass to break. Our pipes operate at below-zero temperatures, replacing traditional water-style pipes without filtered products and without mess. Our Patent Pending technology is ready in minutes, rapidly compressing any smoke vapor entering the cooling chamber and significantly reducing the temperature. The rugged construction employs active refrigeration, chilling more effectively than water or chilled glycerin pipes. It rapidly cools the vapor, delivering a smooth and cool experience that remains perfectly sub-zero throughout your smoke session.

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Smooth, Impossibly cool.

The coldest therapeutic smoking available.  The super clog resistant design with bottomless cooling capacity!  Cold, concentrated, smooth, taste enhancing pipe that only hits harder with each hit.  This unit takes all the advantages of the other pipes and forms them into the superhero of cooling solutions.

Inline with Ash Catcher
Inline with Ash Catcher

Flower, Resin and anything possible works in this unit.  The taste purifying properties of this engineered patent pending design never takes away from your experience.  Never burnt lips or lungs, only cool smoke that hits harder than you would ever expect, while you keep all of your product free from filtering water.

No other pipes have the technology to cool like we do.   Patent pending design un-replicated by anyone!  This is the ultimate therapy for use long term with the least negative impact  pipe doubles the cooling capacity of other pipes, and can serve the users needs with ease and style.

The engineered design ensured that no plastic taste, smell.   Since there is no filtering, just your product the way it was designed to work.  Heavy base for display and the push button rocker switch allows you access 24X7.   Light up the room with amazing therapeutic boldness.  No one makes quite the statement like TECPipes and the seemingly impossible cooling of “The Inline”.

*NOTE:  This pipe will require 2-3 more days printing/assembly to ship than our smaller pipes.


Additional information

Weight 9.6 lbs
Dimensions 24.5 × 12.38 × 12.38 in

Black, Green


Ash Catcher +20, No Ash Catcher

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